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Never Just a Dream

{Choral} Jubilaté Vocal Ensemble


Matthew Kocel

True to its title, this beautiful, spiritual music offering is filled with Grace, Love and serves as a brilliant guide to inner peace and joy.  One of the finest projects we have produced in our studio.  Thank you Matthew for this beautiful gift.

A special song so dear to us, beautifully arranged  

by Dr. Larry Nickel, available for choirs everywhere from

Cypress Choral Music

Feature Song :: Never Just a Dream  :: For more music, please click here!


Feature Song :: Poseidon’s Dream  :: For more music, please click here!

String Poetry

Francis Xavier Edwards

“A Collection of Thoughts Expressed in Music”   This rootsy, solo acoustic guitar album (with two vocal folk songs) is such a natural and embracing experience…  much like being with Francis himself!

Feature Song :: Reflections on a Lost Embrace :: For more music, please click here!

The Cantoria Series

Cantoria 2 :: PeaceWeaver

Autumn Studios Community Music Collective

An organically created collage of the finest musical talents, blending our diverse dreams and melodies together in this compilation of peaceful and inspiring songs and sentiments.  As a collective project,  each contributing member benefits directly and fairly from the proceeds of this project.

Feature Song :: T’va Meva  :: For more music, please click here!


“A Purely Instrumental Invocation”.  Produced by request, this purely instrumental version of the original Cantoria features Violin (concertmaster Mark Ferris),

Cello (principle cellist Ariel Barnes), and added concert harp arpeggios, all designed to  open and cleanse our Chakras, and guide us into a beautiful state of Being.

Cantoria: SPIRIT

Mark Fenster

Feature Song :: Inner Vision :: For more music, please click here!

Cantoria :: The Musical Project for Peace

Mark Fenster & Zoe Fenster

Meditative, Relaxing Universal Prayers & Melodies from Ancient Spirituality for Today’s Peaceful Presence .  A Heart & Mindful collection of beautiful vocal and instrumental music, based on the Dead Sea Scrolls, and designed to help us return to our kindred course of Love, Peace & Harmony.

Feature Song :: Or Khadash :: For more music, please click here!

A Journey in Song

Mark Fenster

A collection of Mark Fenster’s songs dating back to his first release (Yup, a ’45!) in 1977 with producer Ben Kaye (Celine Dion, Michel Pagliaro),  recording with members of April Wine, Luba, Chilliwack,  journeying through to present day… Please enjoy the musical, emotional and personal journey crafted in demos, masters, radio and internet hits and misses along the way….

Feature Song :: The Portrait :: For more music, please click here!



Mark Fenster

Voice, Guitar, Tambura, Udu, Keyboards, Composer, SongWriter, Producer, Engineer

Originally from Montréal, Québec, Mark was first discovered as a folky singer/songwriter by well-known producer Ben Kaye (Celine Dion, Michel Pagliaro).  Guided to follow society’s “safe & practical” path, Mark used his creativity to win comfortable success in his own design/marketing business.  But that’s not where Mark’s heart was, and he believed that life is for dreams come true.  He went on to work with musicians from April Wine, Luba, Chilliwack, performed lead musical and oratorio  roles , and  sang chorus/comprimario with Vancouver Opera for 10 years.   Highlight solo performances for Mark include Mozart Requiem, Dvorak’s Stabat Mater, Verdi Requiem,  Handel Semele, HMS Pinafore (Cap’n Corcoran), and Fiddler on the Roof  (Perchik).  His original theatre scores have led to Outstanding Production Jessie Awards, and his songs have been published for tv, film & choirs globally.  Following the release of his 2010 meditative album Cantoria, the musical project for peace, Mark was called to an Ashram in India to become a meditation trainer.  As composer, songwriter and producer, current recording & performing projects are devoted to meditation, yoga & sound healing , and any project which helps us believe in ourselves and love who we are …. helping us all live in peaceful flow of our own unique beauty.


links: BandCamp


A graduate of Yale University, Mark is the Concertmaster of the Vancouver Opera Orchestra and spent 17 years with the acclaimed CBC Radio Orchestra.  He has played on or been featured on dozens of successful recordings, including 2 Juno Award winning albums by the CBC Radio Orchestra and Phil Dwyer. He is a founding member of the acclaimed Yaletown String Quartet. His choral and orchestral arrangements have been featured in a decade of Spirit Alive concerts at the Chan Centre.


Mark was the first to join the Collective, and has been a guiding light of support and inspiration throughout its development and growth.  Mark’s visions and open heart has invited new members, new opportunities and ideas, and has given virtuosic dimension to our projects.  We are so pleased to be working with Mark.


links: Snow Leopard Productions  :: Yaletown String Quartet

Mark Ferris

Violin, Mandolin, Composer, Arranger

Francis Xavier Edwards

Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

Throughout Europe and North America, Francis’ guitar and voice have graced concert halls, coffee houses, auditoriums, beaches and  city streets in more than a dozen countries. His most cherished music moments, however, have been in the intimate settings of life experiences; singing a new child into the world at birth, playing music at baptisms, confirmations, weddings, anniversaries, funerals and even singing a few people out of this world on their death beds. His is a life that begins and ends with music and the special silences between the sounds, the quiet in which music resonates.  Francis’ music is most likely heard in places where live music is not usually expected.  No money exchanged, no names in neon lights, just a gift of music in an unexpected place. This has been both the nature and unique beauty of Xavier’s music.


His travels and love of music and cultures from around the world led Franics to becoming the founder and artistic director of the Mission Folk Music Festival in 1988. He led the festival for 29 years with a vision “to find the best, the rarest, the unheard that should be heard; to nurture  artists, to encourage audiences to discover new musical forms, and to bring it all together in a world class festival”   Francis is a treasure, as a musician but also as a gentleman.


Matthew Kocel

Throat Singer,  Vocalese, Harmonium, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Conch Shell, Guitar, Healer, Composer

Renowned Throat Singer and Sound Healing Artist, Matthew is known for his incredible vocal harmonics and soul awakening music.  His vision of world peace and uniting humanity can be felt through his sound.  Matthew has the power to transport you beyond ordinary levels of consciousness. His ability to integrate with the mystical realms in a safe and grounded way enables listeners to connect with the Great Mystery via direct perception, bypassing the typical cognitive method of experiencing reality. He makes use of sound and vibrations with his voice and instruments applied with intuitive guidance, musical skill and spiritual gifts to help people transmute stress in the body/mind/spirit that could not be reached through other modalities.   The harmonic overtones of his voice - two, three, or more notes at the same time - vibrate the core of your being with extraordinary sensations, awakening your own innate wisdom, compassion and personal power that is your birthright as a human being.


links: OmShaman.com

Finn Manniche

Cello,  Guitar, Composer

Finn is a versatile and passionate musician with a Music degree from UBC and a penchant for playing anything and everything, whether on guitar or cello. He plays Swing and New Music, Bach to Bacharach, Surf and other worldly sounds. He can be heard playing live and on CD with: the Armadillo String Quartet, the Yaletown String Quartet,  VanDjango, Steven Page, Denzel Sinclair, 54/40, and Murray McLauglin. 


Finn’s calm yet energized approach to music is a joy to behold, and a pleasure to work with.  The depth of sound & spirit in Finn’s playing and composing is as comforting and it is dynamic.  A talent that is both unique and familiar in its warmth and emotion.  One of the finest and most daring musicians I know.


links:  Van Django   ::  Armadillo String Quartet  ::  Yaletown String Quartet


Nick Apivor

Percussion, Vibes, Keyboards, Composer

Nick received his Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Victoria in 1986, studying with Sal Ferreras. In the Classical/New Music World he has played with the Victoria Symphony, Vancouver Island Symphony, The Drosera Ensemble, and recorded with Grammy nominated composer, Paul Dolden. As a Jazz Vibraphonist, he has performed with the N.O.W. Orchestra, Out of the Woods, Mimosa and many other groups. Nick has played in over 35 music Theatre Productions, including The Vancouver Playhouse’s 2008 production of The Drowsy Chaperone and their successful 2009 Canadian Tour of this show which ran at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. For the past 15 years, Nick has immersed himself in a variety of Latin Musical Styles, performing and recording with Juno-Nominated Rumba Calzada, Ache Brazil, The World Jive Big Band, John Gilliat Group, & many others. He has also performed with the Canadian Tenors, Kenny G., Legendary Singer Petula Clark, Comedian Don Rickles and the Great Persian Vocalist, Dariush.


Links:  nickapivor.blogspot.ca

Holly Burke

Flute, Vocals, Composer

“Music brings Heaven to Earth.” ~ Holly Burke.      Holly’s music studies began at age four and her first performance was at age eight at the CBC in Paris. Holly's credits include an International Broadcast Award from the Hollywood Radio and Television Society. She has performed on CBC TV and radio, NPR, CITR and at the San Diego and Vancouver Jazz Festivals.   Holly’s most recent offering "Nature Girl" was conceived during a six-month sojourn in the Costa Rican rainforest where she gained a new appreciation for nature and all its wonders. On this album, Holly and her band “The Naturals” combine elements of world beat, fusion jazz, avant-pop, ambient, and enigmatic forms that defy description. The compositions include some moving lyric content, exciting and thoughtful improvised instrumental soloing and some infectious grooves combined with fresh harmonic content, thoughtful arrangements and brilliant performances by some of Canada’s best musicians. A sense of magic and mystery.


links:  hollyburke.com


Zoe Alexa Fenster

Voice, Guitar, Ukulele

Born in Vancouver, BC, Zoe showed an obvious & inspired talent at a very young age.  At only 8 years of age, she was a light of inspiration for Cantoria and has lit up a great many hearts  with her pure voice & spirit.  The warmth, depth & clarity of her voice soars beyond her years as it  fills us with calm, peaceful joy.  You need only hear and feel her voice to know this.  In true artistic spirit, Zoe is now pursuing unique sounds and stylings of her own, and it is simply magical to watch and listen to it all unfold!  Zoe also loves acting and writing and is forging her own artistic pathways .... Highlight performances include  “Belle” in “Beauty and the Beast” , “Grace” in  “Annie” , and ensemble in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.

Howard Redekopp


Growing up in South Africa in the late 70's, Howard spent his days hanging out in his missionary Dad's recording studio listening to the sounds of African village choirs being mixed for the radio.  He went on to play bass with Canadian indie band, Veal, but almost immediately began making his real mark as a producer, mixer, and engineer. Best known for his production and mix work with Tegan and Sara, and The New Pornographers, Howard is also known for helping to shape the sound of artists such as Mother Mother, Hannah Georgas, and The Zolas.

While continuing to be a part of Canadian recording projects, Howard also works with established acts outside of Canada .  Having recently completed an album with well known Mexico City based band La Gusana Ciega,  and completing mixes for Timothy Jaromir, a Zurich based singer-songwriter.

Howard has been at the helm of Grammy nominated records (Tegan and Sara, Margaret Cho) as well as Juno award winners (Nathan).  He has also had the privilege of contributing significantly to albums that have ranked in Rolling Stone Magazine’s “top 50 albums of the year” - in 2003 (New Pornographers’ Electric Version), 2004 (Tegan and Sara’s So Jeaolous), and 2005 (New Pornographers’ Twin Cinema), as well as 2009’s “100 Best Albums of the Decade” (New Pornographers’ Electric Version).

Links:  HowardRedekopp.com


Peter Rose


Peter has been involved in music and sound production for over a decade with credits stretching from post-production to mixing.  He is now working passionately in mastering with the local scene including projects with Young Pacific, Last Second Magic, Kriss Lee, Tatanka, Au4, Biological Dad, John Masecar, Hunter Rae, Arezu, Atacama Republic, Jared Steeves, Mitchie Rikzu and the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund.


Links:  suitesoundlabs.com

Album Notes

Never Just a Dream

Jubilaté Choral Ensemble



Music & Lyrics by Mark Fenster

Choral Arrangement by Dr. Larry Nickel and

Published by Cypress Choral Music Publishing

Recorded by Jubilaté Choral Ensemble


Summer 1986 …. wondering if my love of music and wish to change the world  was real or was it just a dream. … Almost as if in response, this song came through with a very beautiful message … it’s never just a dream!  I’ve loved singing this song and its treasured meaning ever since .  Now as a gorgeous and touching choral piece, arranged by Larry Nickel, the dream came true!  Thank youLarry and Jubilaté for helping us all believe that dreams come true!  Well, because they do!


Never Just a Dream (choral)   {3:20}



Choir Directors, please click here for Cypress Choral Music

Music by Matthew Kocel

Recorded at Autumn Studios, Vancouver Canada

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Mark Fenster

Mastered by Peter Rose


“Grace”, in Matthew’s own words:

When listened to with intention and in a quiet setting,  this album is designed to take you on a sonic journey into the depths of heart wisdom  and trans-dimensional awareness”




Andromeda  {7:00}

Farewell to Atlantis  {8:38}

Poseiden’s Dream  {20:50}

Borealis  {13:37}

Grace {8:08}


String Poetry

Francis Xavier Edwards

Cantoria 2 :: PeaceWeaver

Autumn Studios Community Music Collective

Music & Lyrics by Francis Xavier Edwards

Published by Autumn Song Inc.

Recorded at Autumn Studios 5rteudios, Vancouver, Canada

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Mark Fenster

Mastered by Peter Rose

Album Artwork by John Endo Greenaway, Big Wave Design


A collection of poetic thoughts expressed in music.  Natural and beautiful solo acoustic guitar with two bonus tracks of original Irish Folk songs with guitar and vocals 




Mist on the Field  {4:05}

Sun Ripples  {2:46}

Birthe’s Waltz  {3:08}

Harp in the Morning  {3:07}

Reflections on a Lost Embrace {4:07}

Tell Me Who I Am {3:44}

Guinevere  {4:21}

Ring Around the Moon {3:11}

Cantoria: SPIRIT

Mark Fenster

Music  by Mark Fenster & Shefa Gold

Published by Autumn Song Inc.

Recorded at Autumn Studios, Vancouver, Canada

Arranged, Produced & Engineered   by Mark Fenster

Mixed & Mastered by Warren Brown & Mark Fenster

Album Artwork by Charlie van Warmerdam

Original Painting “And there was no plan” Album Cover Image by Lahana Grey


Mark Fenster - Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tingsha, Strings, Guitar

Mark Ferris - Violin

Ariel Barnes - Cello

Joseph “Pepe” Danza - Shakuhachi, Udu

Janelle Nadeau - Harp


Cantoria: Spirit, a purely instrumental invocation


Chakra Meditation ~  The pure vibrational energy of a Tibetan  Singing Bowl & Tingsha invite Strings to a full harmonic array of sounds & emotions…. all designed to open and cleanse our Chakras. Violin,Cello,Shakuhachi, Guitar, Harp & Udu embrace this melodic       spiritual journey and guide us into a beautiful state of Being.   


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti




   Creation   {2:09}

   Divine Source ~ Muladhara   {2:12}

   Presence   {1:03}

   Open Hand ~ Svadisthana  {3:05}

   Discovery  {1:19}

   Strength ~ Manipura   {2:37}

   Journey into Awe  {1:16}

   Heart Spirit ~ Anahata   {2:399}

   Gathering   {0:58}

   Joyful Expression ~ Vishuddha  {2:37}

   Shekhina   {0:31}

   Inner Vision ~ Ajna   {4:03}

   Lotus Enlightenment   {1:24}

   A New Light ~ Sahasrara   {2:28}

   Awakened Re-Creation  {2:40}


   * Just as “Cantoria”, this piece is designed to play endlessly … Just set your player to repeat  and enjoy  how the ending blends into the beginning, seamlessly, endlessly.   Namaste,   Love & Light

Mark Fenster

A Journey in Song


A collection of Mark Fenster’s songs  and recordings dating back to his first release in 1977,  journeying through to present day… we hope you enjoy the musical, emotional and personal journey crafted in demos, masters, radio and internet hits and misses along the way….


SONGS (in order of release/performance)

All songs written  by Mark Fenster except as marked *


There’ll be a morning (3:20) 1977 single

Still those voices cry (3:15)  1977 single

Touch a Star  (1987)

The Portrait (1991)

Until the morning (1991)

Can’t let go (1993)

Never just a dream (1993)

Colours (1993)

Baby’s smile (1993)

Where do we go from here (1993)

* Endless Journey  {Mark Fenster & Jan Jarczyk}   (1995)

* Is it your smile  {Mark Fenster & Bill Buckingham}   (1997)

* Miracles  {Mark Fenster & John Roles}  (1997)

* Bring Him Home {Claude-Michel Shönberg} (1997)

* Music of the night {Andrew Lloyd Webber} (1997)

* Confutatis, Verdi Requiem  (Mark Fenster, Bass Soloist)  (1999)

Music by Holly Burke, Francis Xavier Edwards, Mark Fenster,

Finn Manniche, Mark Ferris, Nick Apivor

Lyrics & Translations by Mark Fenster

Published by Autumn Song Inc.

Recorded at Autumn Studios, Vancouver Canada

Produced & Engineered by Mark Fenster

Mixed by Howard Redekopp

Mastered by Peter Rose

Graphics by Gloria Leung

Original Painting “PeaceWeaver” Album Cover Image by Lahana Grey


Mark Fenster - Vocals, Guitar, Tambura

Zoe Fenster - Vocals

Mark Ferris - Violin

Finn Manniche - Cello

Francis Xavier Edwards - Guitar

Janelle Nadeau - Harp

Holly Burke - Flute

Nick Apivor - Percussion, Piano, Bass


PeaceWeaver is an organic collage of peaceful and inspiring songs and sentiments.


In place of structure, plans, these pieces were recorded with pure inspiration, innovative creativity  and harmonies , all flowing in seeming self-directed purpose.  


Diverse, exceptional talent, working together as a  "collective", we offer our unique contributions and all share directly and fairly in the proceeds.  PeaceWeaver offers outstanding musical works as it supports musicians in a real and fair way!  


We thank you for your support and hope this musical creation brings you inspired listening and peaceful pleasure! 


Silver Lining   {3:07} ~ Holly Burke

Mist on the Field  {3:57} ~ Francis Xavier Edwards

Peace Blessing   {3:06} ~ Mark & Zoe Fenster

Peace Drone   {4:46} ~ Finn Manniche

Raga in the Key of Peace   {8:19} ~ Mark Ferris

Sun Ripples   {2:49} ~ Francis Xavier Edwards

T’va Meva   {4:27}  ~ Mark & Zoe Fenster

The Search   {3:04} ~ Nick Apivor

K U   {7:33} ~ Mark Ferris

One   {7:10} ~ Mark & Zoe Fenster


The Musical Project for Peace

Music  by Mark Fenster & Shefa Gold

Published by Autumn Song Inc.

Recorded at Autumn Studios, Vancouver, Canada

Arranged, Produced & Engineered   by Mark Fenster

Mixed & Mastered by Warren Brown & Mark Fenster

Album design concept by Mark Fenster & Paula Weisbeck

Front cover design by Joseph Green

Cover Photo by Dean Belder

Rear cover art design “Lotus Enlightenment” by Raymonde Gagné

Original Painting images by Lahana Grey

Graphic layout by Daryl Jahnke


Zoe Fenster - Vocals

Mark Fenster - Vocals, Guitar, Strings, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Tingsha

Joseph “Pepe” Danza - Shakuhachi, Udu

Cantor Mike Zoosman, Cantor Naomi Taussig, Basalt T’fillah Debby Fenson,

Neri Tischler, Liz van Warmerdam  - Background & Harmony Vocals



Meditative, Relaxing Prayers & Melodies from Ancient Spirituality

for Today’s Peaceful Presence


This CD project is dedicated to Love





   Creation   {2:09}

   Ma Tovu   {2:12}

   Presence into Wishfulness    {1:03}

   Poteach  {3:04}

   Discovery … Fulllfillment … Growth  {1:18}

   Ozi v’Zimrat Yah   {2:36}

   Journey into Awe  {1:17}

   Ma Gadlu  {2:38}

   A Gathering of Joyfull Expression   {0:58}

   Ashrei {2:36}

   A Glimpse of Shekhina, Our Earthly Heaven   {0:31}

   Veineinu   {4:01}

   Lotus Enlightenment   {1:24}

   Or Khadash   {3:31}

   Awakened Re-Creation {1:52}

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