The Magnificent Colours of Music

Our Story

Autumn Studios is a comfortable, creative space located in the heart of Lotusland, Canada {known by many as Vancouver, British Columbia :}.  We are dedicated to composing, recording & producing songs and soundscapes which follow and support our artist and director clients in realizing and enriching their unique visions.


Specializing in Music that promotes healing & mindfulness, our artists & creative team include  World Musicians of Multi-Cultural Instruments, and some of the finest talents in Classical, Jazz, Folk & Pop music heard today.  Our recordings can be heard on radio, television, film, theatre (Jessie Award Winners), live concerts and steaming everywhere.


Studio services include SongWriting, Artist Development, Arrangement & Production, Vocal Instruction, Score Composing & Sound Design.  Each project is custom tailored  to suit the specific wishes of the artist/director.  We primarily use Pro Tools, but also work with Logic and Digital Performer.  We run an Allen & Heath analog mixing console (yes, hanging on to analog as long as we can!  Love it!!), Avid digital console, Apogee converters and mic pre’s, Genelec monitors, a humble but attractive selection of Neumann, Schoeps, Beyer Dynamic, Audio Technica and Shure microphones, TL Audio stereo tube compressors, a rack of external f/x hardware, and a massive selection of digital plug-ins and instruments.  As for real instruments, we have several Guitars (6 & 12 string), Pianos (acoustic & electronic), Tambura, Udu, Singing Bowls, Tingshas and a variety of World Percussion instruments.


Originally from Montréal, Canada, Autumn Studios’ founder, Mark Fenster, began with a dream common to many songwriters - to change the world with his songs.  His own songwriting focuses on world peace, harmony, loving tolerance, and the ultimate discovery of our own unique beauty as well as our universal connection.  The projects created here are by and for people who love music, its universal language & miraculous power to bring souls from all of nature together in peace, love and harmony:  Oneness & Healing through Music.


We have found that there is no greater reward than giving.  We will work with you and within your means to create space, sounds and spirit that help you find your true voice, your highest vision, and bring these to life for you to share as you envisioned.  We celebrate the many colours of humanity in the same way as we all celebrate the many colours of nature.  We may not be the biggest, but we sure are proud and grateful for what we do, and we are definitely a place where dreams come true.


Thank you for spending some time with us here, and please write or call us to discuss any projects you wish to pursue.  We’d love to hear from you and play a part if you feel a fit.

This website is created by and for people who love music, its universal language & miraculous power to bring souls from all of nature

together in peace, love and harmony.   Thank you for visiting and sharing the dream  

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