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Producing / Engineering

It takes open, caring vision to uncover a musical work’s desired direction and ultimate home.  Our extensive experience in production and engineering through a vast array of artists’ musical stylings and venues (in studio or remote) has led to many successes by our clients.  The most valued success is one that sees the artist or director smile as they say “Yes!  You got it! Thank you!!”. That is our  aim, to co-create the project that is precisely what you were looking for!  When the final creation has all that was envisioned and wished,  perhaps even beyond those ideas, the artist/director/client is happy, then  that is  great success!


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Outstanding Production Jessie Award 3 time nominee and winner, we pride ourselves in our ability to discover and create the most fitting sound body for each unique director, producer and creative visionaries.    Music and SoundScapes are extremely effective in fortifying the vision, and equally as  important as the working relationship shared by the creative teams.  Autumn Studios offers both to the highest standards for the all-important collaborative experience and ultimate successful result.  Our musicians range from Symphony Orchestra members to Folk, Pop, Alternative, Jazz, Rock, Rap & Hip Hop members.  Please visit our Music Page, as well as our SongSpace site for samples and more info.




It’s all about the song.; it’s the story you want to share, the message you want to give, or simply the mood or feeling you wish to create.  Songwriting is a craft, and although it must begin with inspiration, it finds its strongest audience with professional experience & attention from creation to craft.  We’ll help you find and feel your inspiration, your sound, and ultimately the musical story you are looking to present.  Our artists’ songs have been placed on TV shows, Movies, Live Theatre, and of course, radio and streaming.  


Music Supervisors, please visit our BandCamp sites (Mark Fenster Songs & Autumn Studios Albums) for all currently available songs and info, or just contact Mark directly.  We’re happy to be a One Stop Shop and offer prompt, comfortable sounds and service!


Artists & Songwriters, please feel free to get in touch so we can speak personally about your musical goals & wishes.




Voice Lessons

Autumn Studios embraces a holistic approach to singing and vocalizing, focusing equally on technique as on mind, body, spirit and emotional sharing.  What we tend to hear as “magic” in a voice is usually not just in the singer’s technique, but in the feeling, the soul & heart of the instrument.  Having studied voice with many teachers, professors, coaches throughout the world over several decades, Mark has learned much about what makes a singer sound and feel so wonderful that we must have their music in our collection!


Mark will teach you, in studio or at the venue of your choice, to  better understand your body as your instrument and work with you to help you truly find your voice, your individual expression, and connect you with the essence of what it is you wish to share.  Whomever heard the saying “Music is what feelings sound like” knows what we mean and what we do.  We learn to share  an artistic flow that is most beautiful when it is open and honest.  Believe in your own beauty.


Mark also proudly teaches children’s choirs at Vancouver Board of Education.



Artist Development

Talent is a beginning; Inspiration moves us; Direction takes us home.

Becoming an artist is more than a simple decision; it takes talent, practice, development and vision, … not to mention a whole lot of perseverance!  We can help you recognize and reach your goals with one-on-one sessions where we first discover your unique sound, story, look, … and uncover the  special qualities that are unique to you, that make you stand out, and most importantly, that feel natural and joyful to you.  These are the elements of a true and successful artist:  One that knows who s/he is and shares their unique ideas, visions, beauty in honesty and harmony.    


Audition/Role Preparation

Over 20+ years of experience on stage (Opera, Theatre, Concert, Director), television (Performer, Music Director) and film (Performer, Score Composer) , Mark can share his many experiences (the good and not so good ones ;) to guide you through  discovering, enhancing and presenting your character, voice and natural talent with confidence and comfort.  Auditions and Role Preparation can feel ominous and frightening, and with the right guidance, the experience can change quickly to one of joyful confidence.  A dear colleague often said that her latest projects were “a lot of Fun!”  Performance takes work, but it has to be enjoyable.  From that  joy, the rest will follow…


Studio Gear


We primarily use Pro Tools, but also work with Logic and Digital Performer.  We run an Allen & Heath analog mixing console (yes, hanging on to analog as long as we can!  Love it!!), Avid digital console, Apogee converters and mic pre’s, Genelec monitors, a humble but attractive selection of Neumann, Beyer Dynamic, Schoeps, Audio Technica and Shure microphones, TL Audio stereo tube compressors, a rack of external f/x hardware, and a massive selection of digital plug-ins and instruments.  As for real instruments, we have several Guitars (6 & 12 string), Pianos (acoustic & electronic), Tambura, Udu, Singing Bowls, Tingshas and a variety of World Percussion instruments. 


Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions or requests- it’ll be  a pleasure to chat with you!

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